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The Globalization of Knowledge in History

Jürgen Renn (ed.)


Submitted by: Rivka Feldhay, Markham J. Geller and Dagmar Schäfer

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Publication Date: July 20, 2012

Jürgen Renn

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About the Contributors

1The Globalization of Knowledge in History: An Introduction
Jürgen Renn, Malcolm D. Hyman

2Knowledge and Science in Current Discussions of Globalization
Helge Wendt, Jürgen Renn

PART 1: From Technology Transfer to the Origins of Science

3Survey: From Technology Transfer to the Origins of Science
Malcolm D. Hyman, Jürgen Renn

4Technological Transfer and Innovation in Ancient Eurasia
Daniel T. Potts

5Writing, Language and Textuality: Conditions for the Transmission of Knowledge in the Ancient Near East
Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum

6The Origins of Writing and Arithmetic
Peter Damerow

7Globalization of Ancient Knowledge: From Babylonian Observations to Scientific Regularities
Gerd Graßhoff

8The Creation of Second-Order Knowledge in Ancient Greek Science as a Process in the Globalization of Knowledge
Mark Schiefsky

PART 2: Knowledge as a Fellow Traveler

9Survey: Knowledge as a Fellow Traveler
Jürgen Renn

10The Spread of Buddhism as Globalization of Knowledge
Jens Braarvig

11The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge from Europe to China in the Early Modern Period
Matthias Schemmel

12Normative Islam and Global Scientific Knowledge
Birgit Krawietz

13From Khwarazm to Cordoba: The Propagation of Non-Religious Knowledge in the Islamic Empire
Gotthard Strohmaier

14The Sciences in Europe: Transmitting Centers and the Appropriating Peripheries
Manolis Patiniotis, Kostas Gavroglu

15The Naturalization of Modern Science in South Asia: A Historical Overview of the Processes of Domestication and Globalization
Dhruv Raina

PART 3: The Place of Local Knowledge in the Global Community

16Survey: The Place of Local Knowledge in the Global Community
Jürgen Renn

17Taking China to the World, Taking the World to China: Chen Hengzhe and an Early Globalizing Project
Denise Gimpel

18The Introduction of the European University System in Brazil
Oscar Abdounur, Adriana Cesar de Mattos

19Celestial Navigation and Technological Change on Moce Island
Jarita C. Holbrook

20Translation of Central Banking to Developing Countries in the Post-World War II Period: The Case of the Bank of Israel
Arie Krampf

21On Juridico-Political Foundations of Meta-Codes
Richard Rottenburg

22The (Ir)Relevance of Local Knowledge: Circuits of Medicine and Biopower in the Neoliberal Era
Hansjörg Dilger

23The Transformations of Knowledge Through Cultural Interactions in Brazil: The Case of the Tupinikim and the Guarani
Circe Mary Silva da Silva, Ligia Arantes Sad

PART 4: The Globalization of Modern Science

24Survey: The Globalization of Modern Science
Jürgen Renn, Malcolm D. Hyman

25The University of the 21st Century: An Aspect of Globalization
Yehuda Elkana

26The Soviet Psychologists and the Path to International Psychology
Ludmila Hyman

27The Global Diffusion of Nuclear Technology
Angelo Baracca

28The Role of Open and Global Communication in Particle Physics
Hans Falk Hoffmann

29Internationalism and the History of Molecular Biology
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

30The Role of Chemistry in the Global Energy Challenge
Robert Schlögl

31Climate Change as a Global Challenge – and its Implications for Knowledge Generation and Dissemination
Daniel Klingenfeld, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

32Toward an Epistemic Web
Malcolm D. Hyman, Jürgen Renn